Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ready to go!

After finishing all my schoolwork for psychology and practising for the piano lesson I will have on Tuesday I packed all my stuff for school tomorrow. Only one week of holiday is a bit weird for me because we always have two weeks. So I still have the feeling that tomorrow will be a holiday-monday where I can sleep long, well well...
I also don't feel so well, I have a bit of a sore-throat and a little headache. I think it is because of all the grey that we have outside and since I miss my friends and family and don't forget my rabbit :) I need a big hat of sleep today so I am going to bed now at nine thirty... Sleep well 

Setting up my computer..again

This day I tried to finish all my homework, but since I need to do a powerpoint and then present it in school I worked on my windows partition on my macbook. But somehow I once installed a complete wrong version of it, so I had to complete re-setup my partition and reinstall windows. Luckily this doesn't affect the mac at all :D
But it just took so much time. Meanwhile while waiting for the installation to complete I played the piano for quite a lot of time.. nice as well :)