Sunday, 25 September 2016

EF City Escape - Lake Cinema - Concert

Putting all the exams we had aside, this week was awesome!
Yesterday morning, the holidays already began, I had to wake up early again.. I went to an instrument store in Baden to get a thing on my Flügelhorn fixed and to get some new mouthpieces to try out.
Then I took the train to Zürich. I had an ambassador meeting with EF, the organisation that planned my exchange. The programme me and many other ex-exchange students had this morning was really cool! We played a real-life game, split up in groups, where we had to follow along clues and hints and think logically to solve a crime scene in a park in Zürich. It was so much fun and we had a great time :)

Later on I met up with my mum to get a few new clothes and wander around the city for a bit. A little later my dad joined the crew too and we went to a cinema on the lake (because at the moment there's a huge film festival in Zürich). The cinema was a wood-build on the lake where you could also get a drink and enjoy a free movie in the sunset!

Friday evening I visited a Barock concert at our school performed by the school orchestra with some guest players. It is not really the type of music I usually listen to but it was very interesting and we've enjoyed it a lot!

Finally, last Monday, all third class of our school had to run 8.5 kilometres around the lake! For some people it was not so cool but I enjoyed it quite a bit! The weather was perfect and if you run with the right people you are motivated to keep your pace until the end :)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Jacob Collier and Karls Daring Alleyshow

Last Sunday I went to a concert again (which was a relief after having two concerts of my own on Friday and Saturday).
Jacob Collier played in Muri and it was an amazing! Collier is a young musician from London who became famous by doing some unique YouTube Videos like this one where he sang a-capella songs with split screens. And now he already collaborated with Snarky Puppy.

Picture by Musig im Pflegidach

Friday evening me and my parents went to Zürich to see "Karls Kühne Gassenschau" which is translated to Karls Daring Alleyshow. It's a theatre group which exists since 1984 and performed a lot of self made and very critical theatre pieces in Swiss German. Their new project "Sektor1" is all about the future and how trash will be managed then. They say that they've found the solution to the garbage problem by sending all the bags up into orbit. The whole earth is clean and the people who live clean get a reward by being able to go to the Sector 1 for a day. It's the most beautiful Sector of all.
But then the garbage starts falling down from the sky again and emerging from the ground and in the end they build a time machine to get pack into the past to make this never happen in the first place.
The whole scenery was just brilliant and with the live music and all the fire and explosions it was also rich of action.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Concert after concert after concert

On Friday there was a singers and songwriters concert at our school. I accompanied singers in three songs which was so much fun! We will record one of them in the future and upload it on Soundcloud so you can have a listen too!
If that wasn't enough already I had a concert yesterday evening where they've played our compositions from the young composers project. It's such a cool feeling to hear your finished piece being played by professionals! We recorded it too but we need to get some stuff over with the owner's rights so I can upload it to YouTube and you can all listen to it!

And this evening I will be going to the Jacob Collier concert! It's something I have been looking forward too for a very long time and I'll be sure enjoying it :D

Here are some pictures of the rehearsal yesterday morning ;)

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Suisse Romande

Yesterday there was an author-meetup in Morges in the French part of Switzerland. It is a really pretty city at the Lac Léman in Geneva. My class and two others went there in the early morning with the train, which took us about 2.5 hours. We all had to do a little interview with an author there. It was a lot of fun! Then we had some free time. We got something to eat (I got a lovely sandwich with figs and goat cheese and a salad) and we ate at the lakeside. After that we visited the gorgeous botanic garden and the old town.
I had to leave a little earlier than the others because I had a rehearsal for a concert next Friday.
On the train back I had a lot of time to write on a project for german class: a "Mini Crime Story" which should only be two pages long and play in the mountains. It's going to be cool ;D