Saturday, 30 July 2016

Sailing in Croatia #2

After one week on the sailing boat we really started to be a good team. For example when we needed to park the ship or set anchor in a bay everyone knew their job and the workflow was great!
I really like sailing and I think that it has been a great experience! It is very calm, relaxing and at the same time you’ve got a lot of time to read or make music :) In the evenings my friend sometimes played on his little guitar together with me on a melodica which was real fun! Our skipper Johann was a really nice guy with a big portion of humour and we had a good time together! We also visited some other pretty cities like Hvar and Dubrovnik which I loved. I think when visiting a big city in another country you see and learn a lot about the culture and how the people live.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Sailing in Croatia #1

A really big hobby of my parents is sailing. They both have the ticket to steer a sailing boat as well as motorboats but for some reason we have not been sailing for nearly six years now!
So me, my parents and a good friend of mine went with a skipper on a lovely sailing boat in Croatia. The weather is so nice and warm, but unfortunately there is not so much wind. Therefore we have to use the motor most of the times which sucks but it's nice too! In the evenings after docking or after letting the anchor down in a bay we usually cook together or go out eating which is really nice too; lots of fresh fish and vegetables of the island we're currently at..
We also visited Dubrovnik yesterday, a very beautiful city at the beach with a huge city wall around the old town on which you can walk, cool live music and a really cool bar behind the city wall where the waves hit the rocks. There were also a lot of people taking a swim there. But we did not have to swim at the city, because just the next afternoon we would be in a lonely bay in one of the many beutiful national parks located on the islands and could take a swim there.
Another thing that happened this week was the very hyped release of Pokémon Go. And of course we saw so many people playing the game where ever we went.. ^^
 My mum, Siro, our skipper Hans, my dad and me :)