Sunday, 17 May 2015

An old recipe

What is essential for you if you're studying? Sugar for your brain! That's why I thought it would be ideal to bake another final cake here for my host parents (who really enjoyed it!), my friends at school tomorrow and of course one piece for myself (or two...) ;) I picked an old recipe that I didn't bake for quite a while now and I made it once in the beginning of the year and somewhen in December or so... A honey and almond cake. Mmmh soo good!
At lunch I also went with my friend John to eat something near a little lake between St Ives and Houghton and it was really nice. It was so warm and sunny, the ducks were quacking in the background and the food was nice too!

Mirin and Soja sauce

After studying for six hours psychology today I helped my host mum preparing dinner. She showed me a very simple recipe to cook salmon which she made once quite a while ago... It was with a bit of soya sauce and a some weird special Japanese rice wine sauce called Mirin. Ah and you add some muscavado sugar to it to give it quite a sweet taste which works really well with the salty soya sauce :D With it we had very nice Jersey potatoes and a lot of asparagus because we all love them :)