Friday, 27 February 2015

A little too late...

This day I felt really poorly in the morning which was not good. First reason was because I was not able to go to school and secondly because I wanted to meet my mum and my aunt in the afternoon for a weekend in London..
So I just stayed in bed until I felt better and then took the train to Kings Cross to meet them. It was so nice seeing them again and we did a lot of lovely stuff. The hotel we are staying in is really close to the docks that I visited last time I came here so I already knew the area a little bit. We went to Camden in the afternoon and did a really long walk at the channel as far as possible until regents channel went underground. Then we tried to find our way to Little Venice to a little boat that was transformed into a coffee shop. Aaaand Coffe Break!
Later in the evening we went eating Indian in the Docks and it was really lovely. We kind of "re-celebrated" my birthday from last Tuesday :)

Thursday, 26 February 2015

That stupid throat!

This blog entry probably won't be that long, because I will go to bed earlier to get my throat working better for the weekend again since I am going to meet my mum and my aunt in London :D
Sleep well ;)


This day I went straight after school to my local hairdresser in town and I think it was very urgent that I finally cut my hair again because it started spreading in every direction again :P
And my throat finally stopped hurting, but now I need to cough nearly all the time which is quite annoying :/

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Birthday and my second Pianolesson :)

This morning was not that special, but when I got to school a lot of people started congratulating me for my birthday :)
Later, after school, my hostmum had bought a cake and I opened my two presents that I got from them. It was really nice to celebrate a bit together and the cake was great too :)
Then at six thirty I went on the bus to go to Burry to my pianolesson. It was good fun and I think I always learn a lot of my new teacher.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Nearly my birthday..!

I practised quite a bit of piano today and I had some people listening to it and I only noticed when I finished after 45 minutes :P haha
So tomorrow is my birthday and I already received one card of my neighbours, but I will open it tomorrow ;) I also wanted to bake a cake to take with me to school, but since my throat is still quite bad I thought that it would get better if I relax a little bit...

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Ready to go!

After finishing all my schoolwork for psychology and practising for the piano lesson I will have on Tuesday I packed all my stuff for school tomorrow. Only one week of holiday is a bit weird for me because we always have two weeks. So I still have the feeling that tomorrow will be a holiday-monday where I can sleep long, well well...
I also don't feel so well, I have a bit of a sore-throat and a little headache. I think it is because of all the grey that we have outside and since I miss my friends and family and don't forget my rabbit :) I need a big hat of sleep today so I am going to bed now at nine thirty... Sleep well 

Setting up my computer..again

This day I tried to finish all my homework, but since I need to do a powerpoint and then present it in school I worked on my windows partition on my macbook. But somehow I once installed a complete wrong version of it, so I had to complete re-setup my partition and reinstall windows. Luckily this doesn't affect the mac at all :D
But it just took so much time. Meanwhile while waiting for the installation to complete I played the piano for quite a lot of time.. nice as well :)

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Back home

This morning after I woke up I went to eat brunch in town. It was really nice and we had pancakes and hot chocolate. But then I already had to leave the lovely seaside and go back home. My train to London Paddington was around four hours and when I arrived I had to buy a couple things for my photography project. I also went eating a nice dinner :)

Friday, 20 February 2015

Last day in Torquay

This day was unfortunately already the last day of my Torquay adventure. But it was also very nice :)
First I slept for quite a while and then we went eating Chinese for lunch. It was a very nice all you can eat restaurant. But in the afternoon we didn't really have that much to do so we went around supermarkets and bought some things to eat like chocolate for the evening, because we went to cinema. It was a very amusing film called Jupiter ascending and we had a lot of fun watching it :)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Dawlish Trip

This day we didn't really spend so much time in Torquay. At ten o'clock after getting a nice croissant and a tea from Waitrose we went to take the train from Torre to Dawlish. This is another tiny cute city with a beach and a little river running through it... That luckily results to some really nice pictures ;)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Second Day in Torquay

This day was just fantastic. I think it was one of the sunniest and warmest since a long while. The sky was blue without any clouds and sometimes I was even so warm that I took my jacket off!

Really lovely fish n'chips! :D