Sunday, 26 April 2015

Back to normal

Unfortunately those three very interesting days are already over and tomorrow I will need to go back to school. This morning I went with my friends to St Pancras because they needed to get a ticket to go to Luton to catch their airplane there and they still needed the tickets. After saying goodbye I went to eat another breakfast at "le pain quotidien", my favourite restaurant chain in London. This was probably the second last breakfast I will have in the city for a while but it's ok too :)
At home I was just sticking in photography into the sketchbook (so interesting) and talking to my family and friends over Skype.
We also just reached 13000 page-views.. Superb!


Such a planned day! This morning me and my friends woke up quite early for a Saturday and went to St Paul's Cathedral to make a walk and eat breakfast there. It was very nice but then, when the bill came we all had a laugh and our eyes wide open. One croissant had a value of 7210 pounds and they added 950 quid for the service... I asked the waiter if that really is the right price and he took it and gave us another bill. A little less :P
After that we hired bikes because we thought that it would be nicer than the tube and faster than walking, but we got accidentally and unplanned in a enormous crowd that just watched the queen pass by. I actually saw the queen, by accident, on a bike.. Amazing! We cycled all the way from St. James park to the Thames and then to the Tate modern because Elena really wanted to see it, was quite cool too :)
After that it was already time to go to our first appointment in the Shard around 15:30. We went to the top top floor of this 300m high building and you had a stunning view over the whole city :D
Yesterday evening we planned something really cool too and preordered tickets and went to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the Theatre Royal. It was so cool but we were really sleepy afterwards...