Friday, 27 February 2015

A little too late...

This day I felt really poorly in the morning which was not good. First reason was because I was not able to go to school and secondly because I wanted to meet my mum and my aunt in the afternoon for a weekend in London..
So I just stayed in bed until I felt better and then took the train to Kings Cross to meet them. It was so nice seeing them again and we did a lot of lovely stuff. The hotel we are staying in is really close to the docks that I visited last time I came here so I already knew the area a little bit. We went to Camden in the afternoon and did a really long walk at the channel as far as possible until regents channel went underground. Then we tried to find our way to Little Venice to a little boat that was transformed into a coffee shop. Aaaand Coffe Break!
Later in the evening we went eating Indian in the Docks and it was really lovely. We kind of "re-celebrated" my birthday from last Tuesday :)