Sunday, 26 March 2017

A really cool day in Zürich! Oh and military stuff..

First of all I want to talk about Switzerland and the compulsory military service we have here. Every male citizen here is obliged to go to the military, once they turn 18 years old; which means I had to go too. You still get the possibility to do civil services and not military, which is, in my opinion, a great option! So on Monday and Tuesday I had my recruitment. You have to do multiple different tests about your health, psychology and intelligence. And in my opinion the intelligence tests are basically just hilarious, especially the vocabulary test! There were questions like "what is a taboo" and one of the few options was "a native American boat" .. I think you get my point.. Hilarious!
Another odd thing was that, even if you want to do civil services, you get a position in the military and have to change it later at home. So I went to this guy who gives you your position, he asked my if I still plan to do civil services, "yes", and he said he'll give me the position of a paramedic. "Ok, no problem."
So after that, when I prepared to go home, a guy came to me "I see you signed up as a paramedic, you have to get a blood test now because only as a paramedic you have to."
Well.... thanks for the joke-material ^^

Other than that my mum and I planned to go to Zürich now for a while to get some stuff done, like getting a new spring/summer jacket for me and a new bag for her.
Yesterday morning I went a little earlier to Baden to take some pictures with my drone, because I want to apply at some architecture offices to maybe get some contracts to take pictures for them. So I decided to take some example pictures I can show them in advance :)

Later in Zürich we first went to a Popup Market which was a huge coincidence! My mum wanted to show me this really cool building, and without us even knowing, our favourite market was just taking place inside!

After that we found ourselves in a really nice organic and zerowaste shop called FOiFi, I took some cool pictures :)

And of course I got my new jacket and she got her cool new Freitag-Bag ;D

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Songcircle, Royal Slam and a new Setup!

This week was really cool because I could attend multiple cultural events! First of all was another Royal Slam this week, with an awesome dance performance by my Salsa teacher, a really interesting and funny cartography presentation and a slam poet from Basel who slammed about his sad life as a primary school teacher :D

I also produced a video this week about sustainability at our school, we even won a price with it! But unfortunately, I only talked in Swiss German which means you probably won't understand a thing.. But here's the Link

Also, on Wednesday, my godfather invited me to a song-circle. It's a type of concert I've never been to before, where the artists literally sit in a circle and go around in circles performing their favourite songs together! Such a unique and fun concept, I really enjoyed it!

Last but not least I finished my new recording setup at home which, in my opinion, turned out really nicely :)
Oh and I hung up to new paintings I got from London :D

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

3D - Mapping!

Yesterday I tried something new with my drone which I found out on the internet. You can do actual 3D-Mappints of terrain, as well as structures and it works really well!
So I tried making a 3D Model of my school and one of some place with a lot of buildings. But I want to do it better next time, especially the trees need some work, as well as the bottom parts of the buildings. But generally I'm surprised how well it went and especially how easy it was to make! :D

Saturday, 4 March 2017


My mum and I meant to catch an early train, but we always delayed getting on the bus, since we were redecorating my room.
Then, with some nice lunch from the Organic Shop at our railway station, we took the train to Basel, to go to the new Monet exhibition at the Fondation Beyeler. It was a beautiful collection of some of Monets nicest paintings, and we had some great discussions about lots of them! Later on, after watching the rest of the other exhibitions we drank a cup of tea in a little coffee shop and went on our way home.

But I got off the train a little earlier because I was going to meet up with a good friend of mine to build a computer together. It was really fun and interesting since we recycled some parts and even installed Mac OsX on it!