Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Hiking like a boss!

After waking up way earlier than I am used to we all had our breakfast downstairs. Around ten o'clock we met outside of the hostel to get our own private bus tour around this lovely city...
It was a very nice tour but we did not really understand the busdriver because the bus was so loud itself.
In the afternoon we all had different activities. Some of us including me went hiking up the hill next to Edinburgh. We were so lucky with the weather because last week it was quite cold and even snowy but this week is warm and nice. So we really could enjoy the nice view from up there on the city.
After dinner we had another tour. It was called the "Witchery tour" and it was two guys doing it. One was our guide and the other one always dressed different and surprised us. Usually those city tours are not particularly interesting but this one was really funny and entertaining too!