Sunday, 6 December 2015

Winning a photography competition and making bread monsters

This morning we went to visit some good friends of ours to eat breakfast and talk about the holiday we are going to spend together early next year. And we also baked some quite traditional Swiss "Bread Men". But I was a bit fed up with the usual design so I decided to make a bread squid and it turned out really funny with a big blobby nose :P
And it was holding hands with a very funny looking Santa Bread Man..

Just yesterday there was a lovely Christmas market in Baden. Me and my mum went there not only because of the market but also because a lot of my friends played with the Kanti Orchestra in the old church. And they played very well!
I only had little time after to go to the market because later that day some of my new school friends came to my home and we made pizza together :) After that we went to the cinema but the film (Hunger Games) was not very good. Actually it was so bad that when I got home I just had to watch the season finale of Dr Who which was just awesome!

Ah and I also won the photography competition that Stadt Baden has set up to photograph the christmas lights and I won this poetry SMS-Advent calendar. I will receive a text every day and in the end it will be a nice poem. Thank you Baden :)

Oh and it snowed for the first time last week! Really pretty :)

See you next weekend :)