Thursday, 2 April 2015

Making my legs hurt...

I couldn't sleep that long today because I met up to go to Huntingdon and then to London with two of my exchange friends from my region :D
I already missed the walking around and loosing yourself in the large crowds of people... First of all I needed to show my two friends Josefine and Malina Hyde Park because they've never been there before. So we walked around in there for a long time and I took some pictures of pigeons and people. Also this one boy running behind the duck just made me laugh so hard!
After that we went to Camden market and it was even something new for me because have never been inside of the market! I really enjoyed looking at all the stands and the various they sold... :D I also got some cards there to write to my family back in Switzerland.
After that we split up because they wanted to go into some cloths shops and I wanted to get some snacks for at home from my favourite place in Goodge Street.
We met up in Oxford Street again and went into some shops there, but it was so terribly crowded (what do you expect :P ).. So we got something to drink and went to Embankment where we sat down near the London Eye and watched the people walking past us. Then after that we walked over St James park to Buckingham palace and then through green park on the tube slowly going back to Kings Cross. That was already our day and I am really excited to show you some of the pictures I have taken :)

April Fools Baking!

And no, this is not a joke!
I really dod baking again because the thing was that we had a psychology lesson today in school and everyone said that they are going to take something to eat with them. That's why I made some chocolate brownies :D
I also trolled my host mum this morning as I use to do it with my parents. I walked down and told her that yesterday our coordinator told me that I am going to be sent home to Switzerland. And she totally believed me!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

I also did a little April fool's video but because my computer is so freaking slow it will unfortunately take until tomorrow to finish uploading... Be excited!