Monday, 17 September 2018


Well, I thought I should be taking a little break from blogging every weekend, but now we're back and I've got so much cool stuff to share!

Let's start with Denmark, the country I visited with my parents this summer :) I totally loved the trip, because we did so many different things.

First off we visited Copenhagen for 7 days, which is a good time to see most of what the city has to offer. Disclaimer: Not all the pictures are taken by myself, some credit goes to my mum and my dad because they got themselves that new fancy Sonyα7!

And I also filmed a lot in Denmark but it takes so much time editing it and making the music for it that I didn't finish yet.

We discovered so many amazing places in the city, from the riverbank to the architectural museum. But here you don't just walk around, you take the bike!

A rare picture of le me filming ;)

Another beautiful thing is that the city is right by the seaside and there are plenty of easily accessible spots to go swimming in the sea! It's like a lake, but salty!

Another place one has got to visit in Copenhagen is the old botanical garden with the butterfly house! It's such a pretty place and will probably warm you up a lot in winter. In summer it's a bit too warm though...

After being in Copenhagen for a week, we travelled to the west coast of Denmark. There we spent much time chilling at the beach and exploring the dunes.

Another place we visited before heading back to Copenhagen was the Lego House in Billund (don't mix that up with the Legoland... the house is far cooler!) It has such a cool architecture and many really pretty designed lego things in it! Worth a visit? Definitely!

Before heading back home we went to Fyn, not only to chill at the beach but also to visit the Jazzfestival in Odense and to see Bokanté play there! If you haven't already you should definitely check out their music, it is brilliant ;)

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Monday, 27 August 2018

Update, Zivi & Amazing Concerts!

Dear readers, I need to apologise for my bad blogging schedule during the past weeks. There has been just so much happening in my life that I could not find the time to write.
But hey, here's an update!

Well, first of all, I was on holidays a few weeks, in the mountains in Switzerland, but also in Denmark. In Denmark I filmed a lot, those videos still need some editing done and it will take a bit of time until I finish that. But don't worry it'll come!

I'll also write a post with some of my favourite pictures from this trip in a couple of days.

Two weeks ago I started Zivildienst. It's for the people in our country who don't wanna do military service. I did not want to join the military, because I think it is a waste of time and because I want to do something good during the time I have to serve the country. At Zivi one can work at multiple different places, for example at an elders residence, a Kindergarten, somewhere in the mountains helping a farmer or like me, at a school. I started working at the school I went to five years ago and I must say it's such a cool job! Such nice people around me all day and it's just 5 minutes away from home! Now I am off to a Zivi camp in the mountains with a course on how to care for teens :)

Last week on Sunday I also started working as a photographer in Muri at Pflegidach, a really cool and cosy jazz club! It's a lot of fun and I can even see the concerts for free (: Yesterday I saw Nate Wood and the concert was amazing! Here are some impressions: