Sunday, 17 June 2018


I've been going to school at Kanti Wettingen for about four years now, with one gap-year in England, and now the time has come to say goodbye to this beautiful school and all the lovely people there because in a few days I will have finished all my exams and I'll probably only go there again to jam at some workshops.
I will miss this gorgeous monastery, with the beautiful walls and all the pretty furniture, but I am also fairly happy to start something new and continue on with the stuff that I actually like doing (sorry maths, you were fun and all but.. farewell).

Here are some photos I took last week, just to remember :)

So one might ask, what's gonna come up next for me? Next year I will be doing civil-service at a local school, helping some students and teachers with their tasks, and after that, who knows, maybe something with music, or art, or both! Music production? We'll see ;)

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Funk, Design and The Fairy Queen

A lot of cool stuff happened the past weeks! Let's start this post with the cool concert I went to two weeks ago. Cory Henry and the Funk Apostles came back to Zürich, so my friend Gideon and I decided to go see the concert in Kaufleuten. And the coolest bit was, since I know one of the guys, we ended up being on the guest list and were able to see the concert for free! It was amazing if you want you should check out their new single "Trade It All"!
After the concert, we also hung out with them which was fun :)

Picture by my dad Markus

Last weekend I went to the "Museum für Gestaltung" in Zürich. It's a really neat Swiss design museum in the centre and I wanted to visit it for weeks. The exhibition was about design combined with nature and movement. Here are some impressions:

Last, but not least, we had our choir concert last weekend. This time we sang The Fairy Queen by Henry Purcell, a truly magnificent piece! The exhausting thing was that we had to stand three times for three hours at the concert with a little break of 15 minutes. But I still enjoyed it a lot! :)