Sunday, 18 June 2017

Starting my maturity-project!

Time passes so quickly! Next school year, which is not that far away, only three more weeks to go, will already be the last year!
Every student, given the fact that he wants to finish this school level with a testimonial, needs to hand in a project in the midterm of the first semester of the last year. And the cool thing about it is that everyone can decide to make whatever he or she pleases! Some people do something scientific, some sort of research or experiment. One of my friends, for example, makes an underwater remote-controlled craft, which takes a lot of time and patience to make since there are a lot of things you need to consider when you're building something which needs to be waterproof, and so on..!

Someone else is making a movie, another person is composing a music piece. But personally, I'm not that interested in any of these. But I love making music! So what could I do?

One thing about music that I'm really interested in is, of course, making my own music! But I don't like writing it; it's just not my way of being creative. The thing I like is a more technical and, in my opinion, free approach to making music. I don't want any lines on sheets to limit my creativity, and in some way, I think that sheet music does this to me. My way is to record and produce. I just like to sit down at something which makes noise (can be a piano, but doesn't need to be) and just start recording the sounds it creates, editing them, experimenting with them and rearranging them in new forms that exceed the casual forms of music you listen to every day.

So I found just the right thing for me!
I call it "Klangschaften", which is my play on German words for "landscapes of sound" (don't mix that up with Soundscapes, because that's an entirely new thing!).
In my definition, a soundscape is a song made out of noises, melodies and sounds recorded just from one place, one landscape.

Maybe you'll think that it's unoriginal because I know some others have done that before, but not in this way! Most of them just worked with rhythmic patterns, recorded noises and used them to create percussion. But I also want to record melodic elements, harmonies in our daily landscapes. And I want to limit myself too, I just plan on doing these landscapes for a certain place. One place, for instance, is the place I live and grew up. There are so many cool, funky and interesting sounds all around and I just want to record them and make them into enjoyable pieces!

I'm also filming the whole thing, which is quite easy with my new mobile recording setup. I can take it everywhere with me and it actually isn't that heavy to carry around. And the nice thing about it is, that the audio is synched in a very good quality with the movie clip, so I don't have to do that afterwards!
I borrowed the Canon 5D from a friend of mine, and the Zoom I got for myself. I've put it onto a Steadicam to get nice, smooth film footage!

Thanks for reading :)