Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Weird english weather...

This day only packing was on my list. I stuffed nearly everything into my bag and backpack and some clothes are going to be donated to charity because I don't have enough free space for everything... And there are other people who need it too.
But the weather was enormously odd today. While I was packing in my room, it rained on the window but the sun was still shining in..? I was confused about this… Later this afternoon I also went to my last piano lesson with Richard which was really nice and while driving there with the taxi it suddenly began hailing on the front window, raining at the same time while the sun was still shining. Outside of the window it looked like two different places were merging into one and I took my phone out and took a quick picture off it:

Certainly very odd!

I never oversleep, or hardly ever. But oddly enough my inner self turned off the alarm this morning and I just simply continued sleeping. Luckily my host dad noticed that something was wrong because he did not hear the shower and no one saw me in the morning downstairs so he called me. I only had ten minutes to get dressed and clean my teeth; no breakfast though..
I had my second and last part of the psychology final exam today. It went quite good, especially the long mark question in the end, but I still think that the first test was quite a lot easier. This afternoon I was packing for around four hours while listening to some Snarky Puppy music. I sent this picture to my friend Timo and he asked me "Did a bomb explode??"