Saturday, 29 October 2016

Photography project with a Syrian friend

This Saturday I met with three of my friends to go to Zürich to work on a project for our school. It's the third time we've met with our friend from Syria who is a photographer. We travel with him to different places in Switzerland to take some pictures of his opinion on our society and of the people living here. Later on we give him the opportunity to present his pictures in a sponsored exhibition and we analyse them and present his view on our culture.
Today worked out really well! We walked around a lot and he took loads of pictures :)

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Back home baking!

This week I was back home from England again. Me and my mum took a plane which was obviously delayed again and came home late on Monday.
During the week I did a lot of music again, mostly alone though because most of my friends were still on holidays. I also baked some lovely cakes, one of them a Sachertorte which took quite some time to make!

Yesterday evening I met with some friends to play some board games. It was so much fun and something I didn't do in a very long time!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

London once more!

Since I left England after my ten month exchange I missed the UK so much! All the people and also London.
I've spent nearly every second weekend in London meeting up with friends and exploring all the nice its of this cool city!
So now I had the chance to go back to this cool place again for a week!

First, after arriving in Luton on Monday, I went back to Huntingdon to see my hostfamily. It was so nice to see them again and spend some time with them! We cooked dinner together, talked a lot, I played with their new very cute puppy and of course we watched the Bakeoff!
I also met with my friend John who visited me once in Switzerland, with whom I ate lunch and took a lovely walk. And I also saw my neighbours again which was so cool! We had so much to talk about!

On Thursday I went to London again. We've booked an Airbnb apartment with my mum and I went to get the keys at eleven in the morning. Then I was to meet my mum at Luton airport and I wanted to pick her up because the trip from Luton to Pancras can be quite complicated if you've never done it before (I even had problems on Monday and I've been there a couple times..!)
Well.. The fight had a two hour delay and I first walked to the airport from the train station (which usually you're not meant to o: )  and then watched a movie..

On Friday my hostpartents came to London to visit us and we had a lovely lunch at the Dishoom. Later we walked quite a way and visited the British Library.

Saturday two friends who are on a four week exchange in the UK came to London so we could spend some time together.
We walked all the way from Victoria to the Southbank so they could see Westminster and the London Eye :)
In the evening, after dinner, I went to do some Lightpainting with my mum. It's a photography technique, for those who don't know, it's when you paint with some source of light in a long exposure shot so the camera captures every light that enters the camera and you can create forms and lines and capture movement.

This morning me and my mum finally had the time to sleep a litte longer than usual. We ate a lovely breakfast, went to Spitalfields Market, bought some weird paintings and clothes and then visited the Pavillon at the Serpentine in Hyde Park. The weather was so nice all morning and early afternoon, but then suddenly it started raining (so very British ^^)
The Serpentine pavillon was really worth a visit! It's such a cool building!

It was such a cool time here in London!

Sunday, 2 October 2016


Yesterday morning I took an early train to Milano to see an old friend of mine from my exchange time in England.
It was so nice to meet her again and we had a great time together :)
After I arrived we went straight to Eataly, which is a giant slowfood store chain, to eat something. Obviously it was pizza (which wasn't my idea ..) I really enjoyed it though!

There was also a Photography exhibition of wildlife photographers. Since we both love photography, we went to this exhibition. It was really cool and there were many great pictures!

Later on we walked to the castle. It's a very pretty place! There was a vintage-car show taking place in the patio, which we didn't know of. But we've enjoyed it a lot!

Unfortunately I had to take the train again at six thirty, but it was a great and fun trip :)