Sunday, 10 May 2015


From the early morning until now at nine pm I studied. That's probably why my room is also 21.5 degree warm :P (haha irony)...
But I am quite confident with my psychology now and happy to write that test tomorrow (actually not for the test, more for it to be over :P )
I have photography and psychology tomorrow, german on Thursday and psychology again in a week on Monday. Uff, but it's fine ;)

30 times London!

This day was the 30th time I have been in London and unfortunately already the last during this exchange. In less than two weeks I will go back home to Switzerland.
But we really enjoyed our day. First of all I had for the last time a nice breakfast in London. I always really liked going to a café called "le pain quotidien". It is an organic restaurant chain and the price is quite good too. After that we cycled from Victoria to Goodge street to look a bit around the stores and eat cake and drink tea in a cute little café :)
After that we took the tube to St James park and were just lying around in the sun for quite a while next to a lot of other people enjoying the nice and warm weather. Then we cycled back to Victoria.
It was such a nice day and I really enjoyed it! (Now back to studying :P )