Sunday, 19 April 2015

Low centre of gravity

Oh it was just hilarious! Every day nearly exactly at six pm me and my host parents are eating dinner together. And as usual we talk a lot. But some days my host dad Chris really likes making a joke about our dog and that he has very short legs. Then my host mum reacts really upset. It is so funny watching the reactions and sometimes I start giggling about his joke and she gives me a perfidious look :P
But today Chris made the joke of the year. We just finished our supper and Muffin, our dog, came toddling in. He tried to put his head up to the table and since he is quite a "low" dog my host mum said "oh darling, isn't it hard to get a look on what we are doing" and Chris replied with "That's only because he has such a low centre of gravity". And we both started laughing hard and my host mum walked out of the room. So fun! (Sorry Margaret and Muffin...)

Yeah otherwise not that much happened. I did a past psychology paper, called my grandpa and my friend on skype and played the piano...