Saturday, 19 December 2015

Holiday Start with "The Force Awakens" (spoiler-free), a Volley-Night and a new Synth!

Since Christmas is just around the corner we've had our last exams last week and now have holiday. Yesterday we've had a volleyball night where teams that students could form played against each others. And this year I was in one too! We dressed up as the seven dwarfs and one of our team was put into a dress with a crown! It was really a lot of fun even if we did not win at all...

This year the school had bought a new synthesiser for the "better" band room with the advanced equipment. And since I am really the only one using it I got the permission to borrow it over the Christmas holidays and to take it home to examine it, fix a few things and to get to know how to use it properly which is really kind of the school.

But just today I went with my school friends to see the new Star Wars movie and I need to admit that it is just amazing! Recently I have only seen really crappy new movies in the cinema and I hoped that this one would be a bit better because I really liked the old Star Wars movies. And I was not disappointed at all! They have brought a lot of new stuff into the movie like the new droids or protagonists but the filmmakers have also implemented the old characters really well and have not just thrown them in randomly. And of course there are a lot of improvements in the camera techniques and the computer generated imagery aka the whole film just looks an awful lot better than the old ones..
I would really recommend you to see it if you like the old ones (or if you even don't)..

Tomorrow we will have a Christmas party with our family at our place which will be amazing and I am going to tell you more next weekend. But I wish you all a lovely holiday!