Saturday, 11 November 2017


Yesterday evening I had my matura-presentation. The Matura-Project is the final project you do as a high school student and which counts like any other mark in your degree paper.

In the past weeks, I've worked quite hard on these two "Klangschaften". The word can be translated to "soundscapes", but that is already a thing. Klang means sound and the term "Klangschaft" should make an association with the word "Landschaft" which means landscape. The project itself is also restricted to two landscapes, one is my school which I attend at the moment "Kantonsschule Wettingen", and the other one is based on  Baden, the town I live in.

All the sounds, without any exception, are recorded at these two locations, then edited in the Music-DAW Ableton Live 9.

You can watch both of the projects in This YouTube Playlist.
And feel free to share them with others who might be interested in such projects.

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