Sunday, 20 November 2016

An amazing concert at my school and a new piano!

This Friday two very cool things happened. First of all I finally made an arrangement with a transport company to pick up the piano, which my grandparents wanted to give to me (since nobody used it at their house), and bring it to my place. Now I've set it up with two microphones so that I can put on some effects too. It's so nice to finally have a real piano at home!

On Friday evening I also went to a concert by W:KK, a group that arranges concerts in Wettingen every year. There was a famous viola da gamba player who performed some classical pieces which was lovely and a guy playing the bandoneon who was amazing!
They both played really nice and it was a joyful evening :)

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Matura Presentations

Around this time every year there are Matura presentations at our school. To complete the four years of school everyone needs to make a project with lots of writing and a presentation in the end. The cool thing about it is that the project can be about everything you want, from music to biology or making jams or brewing beer (yeah that was a project a couple years ago!)
I'm due to make a project next year but I was able to see some presentations my friends made. One of them was about the liberty of press and Turkey which was really interesting! And later in the evening I went to see a friend of mine who makes live-visualisations for music which was a phenomenal presentation! It was astounding what he was able to make by himself: a program that could analyse any music in real-time and then produce a 3d generated video to that beat. He also combined this with a motion tracking so if it would be used at a concert the people attending could interact with the video.
Here's the Link to his youtube channel :)

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Ibrahim Maalouf @JazznoJazz

This Thursday me and my parents went to Zürich to go to the JazznoJazz Festival. It's a huge annual Jazz (and no-Jazz) concert week where a lot of world famous musicians perform. I wanted to go and see Jacob Collier again on Wednesday but unfortunately he was ill and had to go back to the UK to recover.
But I also went to see Ibrahim Maalouf, a french-libanesian composer and Fusion Jazz musician who plays the trumpet and flügelhorn. His "speciality" is that he often plays quarter notes which makes his music very unique!
It was a very lively concert! Everyone was singing, clapping to the rhythm and dancing; so much fun!

Picture from JazzNoJazz

I had a lovely week with lots of sunshine. And the park of our school turned very autumny :D