Saturday, 29 April 2017

Miss Gerolds Garden

Just a couple days ago I found this event on Facebook: a Design Market at "Frau Gerolds Garten" in Zürich! Of course I would go there :D
And that's what a friend and I did today and it was totally worth it! So much crazy cool things to look at and maybe not to buy because they were all way too expensive ^^
We also went atop the Freitag Tower to check out the cool view over the city, then continued our trip to the Hiltl to get some lovely cake :)

In the late afternoon I had this urge to produce some music again, and that's literally all I did until eleven thirty in the night.. I'm sure it's another song for our upcoming album (which still needs a lot of work and time).

Today we also had a dance-performance in Baden, as advertisement for the dancefestival which is going to take place the next weekend :)

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Cookin' in Saint Ursanne

After the week I've spent in Ligerz singing all day long one might think "well, now he's clearly done enough camping for this holiday". Well, no. I went, again, for half a week into the Jura. It's a french part of Switzerland in the north-west. The camp was in St. Ursanne, a gorgeous small village in the middle of the mountains, but unfortunately the weather wasn't as gorgeous as it was in Ligerz. Lots of rain, snow and hanging around indoors. But it was a lot of fun too and I think I levelled up in chopping vegetables ^^

On Thursday our new music group "Upright" also had the first performance at a Royal Slam. Here's the Link to the videos ;)

And finally, yesterday, I went onto a little boat trip in Interlaken with two good friends of mine. It was a lot of fun, we talked a lot and had a great time :D
There, too, I took some pictures ;)

Saturday, 15 April 2017

One week of Monteverdi!

Spring has sprung, at least during the past few days I've spent in the choir-camp of our school. It was such a blast! On one hand we had to practise our Monteverdi for nine hours a day which was a pain sometimes, especially for voice and back, on the other hand we also had quite some free time which we spent outside playing Frisbee, lying on the grass on the lakeside or jammin' on one of the many pianos which were just standing around in the house :)

One really early morning I went up the hill to capture the sunrise with my drone, the lighting was so lovely!

In the late evenings we often sat at the lake singing songs and enjoying the first warm nights in this year!

On Thursday, the day we went back home, me and two friends decided to take the boat back to Biel because we all have a GA (a card with which you can literally travel around in the entirety of Swiss trains, buses and boats). It was a great idea because the boat trip and the view on the lake and mountains were amazing :D

In Biel we wandered around for a bit and then sat down at the river eating some chocolate.

Oh and just a funny picture of a guy who was sleeping with the jacket over his head on our trip home ^^

Today I had another band practise for our concert next week on Thursday (which by the way I'm gonna film and share ;) and now I'm off to cook in another camp with some of my friends in Jura, the north-west of Switzerland. I'm sure I'll have lots to tell you and some cool pictures next post!

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Lots of band practice!

Finally the holiday started and I had a great first day in our school's choir week! We practice Monteverdi the entire day which was great and spent a nice time in the evening at the lakeside singing songs :)

This week I had so many band practises with our new group. I was asked if we would like to perform in three weeks time and then we decided to spontaneously form a group and start practicing. I think that it's actually going to turn out great because we already have a few cool songs in our repertoire.

Yesterday evening I also had a party at my home (after four hours of band-practise!), I made pizza dough so everyone could later put the topping they desire on it. We also played Singstar and watched a cool movie together! So a real fun evening :D

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Drone Videography in Zürich!

Today I met up with Jonathan, a really cool dude who I met on our skiing holidays in the mountains. There we already went drone flying and thought we could do that again, this time in warmer weather :)
So we went to Zürich for the day to film some stuff and it was so much fun! Unfortunately I got some of the settings wrong, but I hope I can correct that in post production. I'll share it with you if it's finished ;)

But here's some pictures from up above the city :D