Saturday, 25 April 2015


This morning I was picked up by my friend John to go on a little trip with him... Two family friends from Switzerland, Claudia and Elena, decided that they would like to visit me in London while I am here, and I was really excited for that for quite a while :D
So I was at the train station and booked the tickets. It was so funny because I had my railcard and a train-voucher that I got for the train delay to Edinburgh a month ago. In the end I only had to pay 15p for my ticket!!! I just gave the man behind the counter the two coins and off we went (we even caught the earlier train)
Then it was time for me to get away my luggage, because my friends will take a bag of mine with them onto the airplane.. So John and I searched the apartment my friends had hired near St. Katherine's Dock. I was about to meet with Claudia and Elena in Chinatown with two of their friends to eat Chinese which was very nice so we went there together and then John and I unfortunately had to go separate ways...
Later on in the afternoon I went with Claudia and Elena to Camden market because Elena has never been there. It was very nice too look at all the different market stands that sold different accessories and clothes. I also got a new jacket, one I was searching for quite a while.. We then sat down near the channel to eat the cookie and the croissant we bought in prêt :)
Unfortunately we had to be back at the reception of the apartment complex early because they closed at seven pm so we were in a little hurry, we nearly forgot the time! But we came back on time and I got my backpack and bag back. The apartment is just too good to be true, it is so nice. And warm!