Saturday, 29 August 2015

A ginormous party and a brilliant certificate!

I am so very exhausted! Yesterday was my school's summer night party which was soo cool! So many people were there and it was fun talking to old friends and seeing all the stands that were prepared by other classes!
But as I said it was really exhausting: I did not really sit down that much since four in the afternoon (when I helped building up the stage and lifting the piano with some others down to the main stage, up again to the small stage and so on) until one in the morning when we finally finished putting everything back.. The concerts were great too! So many people came to listen to us and I think it went quite well too :)

This week a letter arrived that I should pick up my Cambridge English Certificate! I am so happy that I have passed and I am sure that it will be a great addition to my CV for the future :D

Today we'll have a welcome-back party at a bowling alley in Zürich! I am looking forward to meeting some of my friends from Camp again :)