Wednesday, 15 April 2015

So sunny!

I am sure that this was the most lovely day that I had in 2015 in England :)
It got about 20 degree which I never expected form that country since everyone always told me how cold and rainy it is here all the time.
So in my study period I sat outside in the sun doing my work before lunch for about an hour and it was just lovely. So warm!

Calling my friend for the last time.

Today was a very interesting day. First of all because in psychology we started a brand new topic on "Freud's Brain Model" which I think is a really cool one. And our teacher is also really into it and I think he can teach us a lot about that. Another thing was that it was so extremely warm outside that we all sat outside in lunch break on the grass :)
But on the other hand I could call my friend in Switzerland a last time because he is going away to Berlin for a week now. So cool! I have never been there but I am sure one day I will visit that city as well...