Monday, 18 December 2017


As some of you may know, I love to go to Jam Sessions! It's such a cool way to make music with others and be creative. You also meet a lot of people there!
A week ago I went to a Jam in Brugg presented by a friend's band called "Dinner 4/5". They make really cool and jazzy music. Besides playing at the jam and mixing the jam, I also took lots of pictures of them playing!

Monday, 11 December 2017


A couple weeks ago I was asked by a friend of mine who I‘ve known for quite long if I wanted to take pictures of a Tameshiwari at my old karate school.
I did karate for around eight years and then I stopped because I wanted to try some new things. Maybe I‘ll start again one day when I have a little more spare time. This friend of mine, Philip, was in my karate class back then. Afterwards, we didn‘t have much contact anymore, but now we‘re in school together and playing piano in the BigBand of our school! Funny how ways cross again someday :)

Back to the Tameshiwary. What is that, you might ask? Something to eat? No, it‘s actually just the act of breaking stuff. At our school, we mainly do it with wooden planks and roof tiles. They also educate you how to do it in many different ways and every year there‘s an event where a lot of students come together to break some things!

And this time I took some cool pictures of it: