Saturday, 28 November 2015

Lights in the Streets and first snow!

On Wednesday evening I met with a good friend of mine to go to Baden. Every year in November, when the weather gets colder and the people start wearing jackets, our city puts up very pretty Lights in the streets. It started to become quite a tradition and these lights are famous in the whole country. Baden even won the price for the prettiest Christmas lights in Switzerland!
Just when it got dark, there was a little theatre in the middle of the city and then, with the sound of dozen children's bells they turn the lights on.. Oooooh!
I also took my camera with my with the new (old) 50mm lens to try and get some good shots of the lights. I did not focus them, so they looked like big, round blobs of light which looks a bit better I think.

Yesterday evening there was also a jamsession in Baden where I went to. It was really cool because I have met lots of my friends there and played music with them :)

Ah and of course the snow!

See you next Saturday :)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

A new vintage Lens and a very cool soul concert!

Two days after I have ordered it from Canada a new (old) Nikon lens has arrived! It's a 50mm with f1.2 and it's very lightweight and small so perfect to carry around with you!
I was hoping a lot that it was not a fake one since I have got it from Ebay and you can't always be sure.. But it works just fine!
Here are some test images and one of them turned out very nice. They show our very cloudy and autumny weather that we have got in Switzerland at the moment. It is really cold here and I am sure that there will be some snow coming soon!

And it really did just start snowing!!

On Thursday I went to a free concert at the Casino in our City like I do most Thursdays. But this one was especially nice and I took a little video for you ;)

Saturday, 14 November 2015

3 scholary concerts and Pop Up Market in Zürich

It was a very busy day today! In the morning I took the train with my mum to Zürich. First we went to the Apple Store to check out the new products that came out last month. We've spent nearly an hour drawing on the new iPad (which by the way is amazing).
Afterwards we went to get a few new winter clothes for me and went to a huge childrens' toy store. There they have a whole department just for miniature world trains and models. Since I want to continue my project on Miniature World Photography this was a brilliant opportunity to get lots of new ideas!
We were so exhausted because there were so many people in both the Apple and the toys store so we drank a hot chocolate in the café Sprüngli. We were really glad that there was two free seats so we sat down and there was an elderly art and theology professor sitting vis-à-vis. So we startedtalking to him and it did not seem to stop :)

Then we took the train to Stadelhofen where there was a market in the Maag Hall. It's called the Pop Up Market and exists in various countries. It's a design and fashion market and you know how much me and my mum love design stuff. And it was really wirth it going there! Lots pf cool market stands and lovely music playing in the background, just amazing!! We forgot to get some money but that was good; otherwise we would have spent soo much :P

Yesterday it was Matura presentation day which means that all the 4th class students who now finish the school and then will go to Uni or ETH, present their final projects. These vary from works about Ecology, to a musical and of course to concerts and music projects! Yesterday I saw two brilliant projects two friends of mine made, one about food/music and the other one about soundscape and minimal music. And today I saw a third one which was just amazing! One guy wrote a choir project with different songs from the media like the Mario Theme, Tetris theme, the main song from "The Undertaker" (one of my favourite Swiss TV shows), the theme of Assassins Creed, Battlefront, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Hobbit, etc.. And this was all linked with super cool little theatre acts.. If I find the recorded and filmed version of it I am so going to share it with you ;) !

See you next Saturday :) Marin

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Circus and Technorama

You know that feeling when you go to a place you haven't been since you were a little child? Well that happened to me when I went with my mum and grandparents to the circus last weekend. It was amazingly cool and I loved the performance and the music played by a live band. But it was odd too because I had a way bigger circus in my memory from when I was a child. Now everything seemed much smaller but also I understood it better :)

On Wednesday we had a Natural Sciences day. We were able to choose between different things we wanted to do. I chose to go to the Technorama in Winterthur. First we visited a Highschool for Sciences and had a presentation, later on we went to this gigantic building full of stuff. Literally, you can nearly find everything there that is somehow linked to science. Just take a peek at the pictures and videos ;)