Saturday, 27 June 2015

Having a visitor #2

On the last Sunday me, my parents and my visitor from Italy went to Basel together. It is a very nice place with a lot of culture, museums, a nice river, old city and of course ice cream stands! Since I was there about two years ago for a week I knew the place a bit and showed them around. In the end we went to the Tinguely museum. It was a guy who made art out of scrap things quite a while ago and it is just fascinating!

On Monday we did another trip to Luzern where we took the cog train up the mountain "Rigi" (the queen of the mountains as we like to say) and there we did a walk slowly downwards. There we ate a lovely apricot cake and took the train back down on the side of the lake. Then we took a boat with a lot of people and school classes on it to Luzern. At the lake in Luzern where we saw a lot of little ducklings we did another tour at the lake and through the city with the enormous amount of tourists in it... :P

The rest of the week I basically stayed at home to study for school and do various things at home. But today I met up with my bro Timo to go to the cinema and see Spy. It was funny and we really enjoyed it. Afterwards at home we cooked dinner with my parents and enjoyed the nice and warm evenings :)

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Having a visitor!

For many weeks I was very excited for my Italian visitor who I met during my exchange in England and who was about to come and visit me in Switzerland for the first time.
Then, on that day, after many hugs of course, we put all her stuff in the lockers at Zürich HB and I showed her around the town (which is tiny compared to many others..) We also had a lot of luck with the weather because on the forecast it said heavy rain but in the end it did not at all!
We also took a boat trip because on the day card she took it is also included :) This was the first time even I made a boat trip by myself on Zürich lake so after a while when we ended up on the wrong side of the lake I was a bit concerned but the boat went back to the right side straight afterwards.. Uff!
Then we walked back at the lake and ate nice lunch in a buffet restaurant and took the train back home. In the evening we made "Flammkuchen" with salmon. Very nice indeed..
The next day we woke up quite early (Marin's language: about ten AM) and went "hiking" up our home mountain. The weather was a bit cold and I think that's why there were no people. But we had a very pretty view up to Zürich and the surroundings and in the evening we went bathing in Baden including a little city tour :)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

An awesome week :D

This was one of the busiest weeks I've ever had! First of all because I had an exam: I did the Cambridge Proficiency English test which was in some points very hard but for example the oral part was quite easy to do. But you never know if there will be one ore even more words that you don't understand and that makes you quite nervous even if you are very used to talking the language.

Other than that I went to visit my grandparents this week and we cooked lunch together. It was a very nice Risotto with chestnuts and fish. Also because it is strawberry season we had that for desert :)

On Friday it was time for some culture! My school prepared an evening full of concerts and paella at their "noche latina". Lots of my friends were playing their instruments there and it was so cool seeing all of them and talking about what they did the last year I didn't see them. The music was so cool and I am exited to play with these groups next year again!

The second day of my English exam where I had the oral part, I went to an art academy in Zürich with my mum to see the diploma works that people did from a range of photography to industrial design, game design and so on.. I enjoyed seeing all these projects and hanging around with my mum.
But I also was getting very tired after a while because I did not get any relaxing day the last couple weeks.
We were invited to some work friends of my mum to eat dinner with them and for a while I was very tired and did not want to go, but I am very happy now that I went anyways, because I played the piano with my friend Siro there and the others were all very cool  people and we had lots of fun :)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Reduced Updates (Update!)

Dear Daily Blog Readers
I am about to change my blog a little bit. Mainly because I do not have the time to write daily posts like in England but also because not that many interesting things happen each day. I think that weekly posts will be a lot more interesting to read and provide you a lot more content.
(-> Posts will come out ok Weekends. Most likely Saturdays!)
But I am working on a major design update too since the blogs name is not this long weird name and now a lot simpler (which you might have noticed)...

Please write a personal message to me on my email ( for suggestions that you have to make this blog an even better experience for the readers and also for me.
Thank you for your understanding
Marin :)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Thunderstorms and the undertaker

Some of you might know that the Swiss TV Series called "Der Bestatter" or in English "The undertaker" is one of my favourites. It is a really cool crime show where the undertaker is an ex-police officer but still solves all the crimes for them.
Today they filmed a part the new series in a village next door (where usually there's nothing happening..) but this day there were a lot of people.

In the evening another thunderstorm was on the forecast, but this time it was way different. The lightings were in the clouds and just the clouds were lighting up all the time. I thought "Why not grab the camera again and try to capture that?" So I was standing with an umbrella outdoors and my tripod with camera in the heavy rain which was really refreshing at the same time because the whole day it was very hot weather. One picture came out very nicely and another one looks extremely noisy and green, but interesting too!