Saturday, 26 March 2016

Easter Time!

Just yesterday I was at a really cool Jam Session with a good friend of mine in Baden. We played a bit with random people which was quite fun and we had a great time :)
Since Easter is this weekend the Café of our school made a little photography / videography contest and the person who submitted the best picture won a ginormous chocolate rabbit! Of course I would participate! Photography AND free chocolate :)
But in the end I only got second place which was all right too (I got a bunny which was a little smaller) and the ones who won really earned their price since they probably had a lot more work to do than me with their video :)
I'll show you my picture as well though:

My dad was on a little trip to Italy last weekend and he brought home a little easter gift. I think its really funny because both the tiny bunny and the huge chocolate egg is from Lindt (which is a Swiss brand) but we all have never seen such an egg before. There's a really big difference in size of chocolate easter gifts in these two countries!
But I'm looking forward to trying the huge egg too :)

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Graphic Design Exhibition in Zürich

For quite a while now I've been waiting to have a free weekend when I could go shopping for some new clothes for Spring. And finally I had the time!
But first me and my mom went to a really cool art exhibition in the Maag-Hall in Zürich (the same hall where the PopUp Market was!)
It was really cool because you could see a lot of projects made by design students or game design students!
Later in the day we went to get some new clothes and then eat something at Hiltl. It's a really nice place with all vegetarian food on a buffet from which you could pick all you want :)

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Amadeus Theatre & Workshop at Jazz geht Baden

This week in Baden there was a Jazz festival called "Jazz geht Baden" where I went with my friends on Friday. A lot of really cool musicians were playing there for example Noldi Alder. I am not so much into the traditional Swiss music but he just performed it so well on his violin, with his singing and his amazing accuracy on the dulcimer! In addition with his jokes I think that it was the best performance of the evening.
We also heard Amok Amor, a group that plays really free Jazz and gave us a workshop in Wettingen in the afternoon. They played really well and had amazing skills on their instruments! But for me the music was too chaotic; it was like everyone showing off all of their skills. And the music did not really have a groove or melody..

Yesterday we went with the whole class to theatre in Baden. At the moment we read Amadeus, which is a story about Salieris perspective on Mozart. The actors performed so well and the story is really sad. So I need to admit that I loved it to bits!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Young Composers Project and my 18th birthday

I just returned from an amazing weekend at a composition course but first of all I apologise for not posting last Saturday but I was very busy celebrating my 18th birthday and I think that you had enough content to read with the entry about Cuba...

So on Friday, just after school, I was in a little hurry getting my suitcase from my mum who took it with her to work and then get on the train to some village in the south of our canton. And now you'll think what I was doing there.. Well every year two students from our school and some from other schools can go to a composition course which is split up in 6 pieces until September next year.
There we will learn how to write and compose own music projects which will then be played by an ensemble of the course. The first weekend was already great and I've learned a lot! So I am really looking forward to the next weekend :D