Saturday, 4 April 2015

So much new!

Early this morning I met with my friend John. He is a really cool
guy that I met last Christmas and later on every week in the swimming pool. We always talked a lot and then we came up with the idea "Why don't we go to London one day together?" And that's what we did today!! I think it was one of the most awesome days I had in a long time and we had such a funny time together!
Straight after arriving we went (suggested by my mum) to the art academy behind Kings Cross called "Granary Square" and since you know how much I like nice architecture we spent nearly an hour walking around there and taking pictures. It was even open and we went indoors! But then we went quite early and had a nice breakfast at my favourite street (Goodge street). Nice salmon and he had a scrambled egg.. Then we wandered off along the street towards Leicester square because John knew there was a post office around and I had to send some letters back home. And then it was nearly time for my appointment. No neither dentist or doctor; it was a hairdresser. Maybe you have heard of the Box Park in Shoreditch. It is quite a new combination of stylish shops restaurants. I went there because I wanted to change my hair style a little bit and that by a good hairdresser. I really enjoyed it and I think it looks so much better than the wild bush I had on my head before...
Don't forge the miniature world I have done too today! Fisherman in a nutshell ;)
Since John went his own ways I decided to go to the markets in Shoreditch again where I went with my mum in February. It is always an amazing experience and again a lot of pictures from people and market stands ;) Then I went to Goodge street again because I know that there are a lot of cool furniture shops there and I love looking at designer products.
I met again with John later in the afternoon to slowly get back home..

Making a lovely dinner

This day really was a working day, but a nice one. I woke up quite early to do some things so I will have free time as well. I prepared my photography for tomorrow, did schoolwork and played the piano.
Then, later on in the afternoon, I started my cooking. It was the first time since a long while that I did something that big. I made a trout with cream-spinach and rösti for dinner for me and my host parents. I think they really enjoyed it and I did as well. I also made my host mum like spinach again! Amazing!!!