Saturday, 4 July 2015

Bicycle hiking

Some of you may know that my mum and I are not particularly keen on mountain-biking. We do like cycle trips that are not too hard but what we did last Sunday was obviously not falling in that category.. Early in the morning we took the train to "Interlaken". Its a small city (as it says) between two lakes in Switzerland. At that time it was still fresh outdoors and we started our "easy" cycling trip. We thought that it was just a lovely day trip around the lake (so not too steep) but sooner or later the path began to go higher and higher and then down again repeatedly. Well we could still manage and soon arrived at the Hotel Giessbach with a nice waterfall behind it and ate an outstanding lunch there.
But the temperature has risen a lot by that time and as we mounted our cycles again it got already about thirty degrees!
As we arrived on the other side of the lake the path just started going upwards and it did not seem to have an end in a very long time. After a while I got really tired and sweat just flooded down like in the Giessbach waterfall.. So we pushed our bicycles the rest of the way up which took about two hours. Uff!
In the end we arrived at a nice little lake where we took a refreshing swim and headed back to the trains afterwards. A hard trip for a refreshing bath and I think we quite earned it ;)

The rest of the week I was working at home. I finally found a holiday job where I had to sort some papers in an order into folders. Not the most interesting but gets you some money..
Today I also went with my friend Timo a swimming pool close to where he lives. In those extreme temperatures that is just the right thing to do. Possibly that was the thought of the many others in the pool too :P
I am really excited for this weekend because it'll be swimming in different lakes all the time :D