Friday, 10 April 2015

Red for the win!

Unfortunately that was already the last (full) day on this amazing discovery trip to Edinburgh.
But we did awesome things again! First of all, after breakfast, we met up going in groups of ten people on a scavenger hunt around the city. We had to take pictures of multiple things like someone in a kilt, us all jumping in front of the Edinburgh castle and so on...
Later in the afternoon we even found a bench with the name René Lauener which was one of the harder things. But we just found it by accident and not really on purpose because we stopped the scavenger hunt around lunch time.

In the evening we all met up again at the hostel and went a bit up the hill to a huge hall. There was a private band with a piano, drums and two accordions. They played Scottish folk music and taught us how to dance to it. It was extremely funny but also exhausting since we danced until after ten!
They also revealed who was the winnter of today's scavenge hunt, and of course it was our team, Team Red with our leader: The Red King (Rory) :D