Saturday, 21 March 2015


This afternoon my hostfamily were able to experience my cooking again. But it was not cake! Today I made a quiche and a salad. The quiche was with gorgonzola and pears! Now you all think Bäääh! But no, it certanely (from my point of view) really delicious! And I also made a salad with walnuts, salmon and cherry tomatoes. Mmh :D
The rest of the day I slept, watched a bit of the rugby finale and talked to my friend in Switzerland :) nice :)

Where's mi hat?

Yes you heard it correctly. I spent quite a long time this afternoon looking for my precious crappy hat that nobody likes except me (it's warm and that's what counts!).
But in the end a friend of mine found it and gave it to me. God I was so pleased!
Ah and also there was this solar apocalypse, ehrm eclipse not apocalypse :P But it was quite cloudy so you did not see it that well but I also took quite a funny picture through a puddle: