Saturday, 21 November 2015

A new vintage Lens and a very cool soul concert!

Two days after I have ordered it from Canada a new (old) Nikon lens has arrived! It's a 50mm with f1.2 and it's very lightweight and small so perfect to carry around with you!
I was hoping a lot that it was not a fake one since I have got it from Ebay and you can't always be sure.. But it works just fine!
Here are some test images and one of them turned out very nice. They show our very cloudy and autumny weather that we have got in Switzerland at the moment. It is really cold here and I am sure that there will be some snow coming soon!

And it really did just start snowing!!

On Thursday I went to a free concert at the Casino in our City like I do most Thursdays. But this one was especially nice and I took a little video for you ;)