Sunday, 29 January 2017

Two really amazing theatres!

After a few last exams this week I went two times to theatre with my parents and both performances were really cool! First we saw Simon Libsigs new program. He's a slam-poet from Baden and talked about his four month travel to South America. It was really fun because of the way he told his stories and the two musicians underlining the story with cool groves and funky melodies.

The day after we went to see Carlos Martínez on the small stage in our village. He is a pantomime artist from Barcelona and already performed here once a couple years back. Since we very much enjoyed the show back then, we just had to go again! He performed a piece called "Books without Words" and it was just astounding! I really recommend you seeing his pantomime. You can visit his webpage here.

Yesterday we visited some friends and I had a little guitar-piano jam session with my friend Siro which was a lot of fun :)

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Battle of the Bands

Last week it was time again for another Battle of the Bands! It's the annual competition of our BigBand versus the one of Aarau. It's not really a competition though because there's no actual winner.. just a concert of two cool and funky groups ;)

Sorry for not posting that much, but there is just not that muchahappening at the moment. Currently it's the last exams week so that's mainly what I've been up to. Except for yesterday when i went to a fun party somewhere in the forests in a little hut with a fireplace. It was quite cool :D

Sunday, 8 January 2017

In the early winter morning

Sometimes you need to wake up early, even on your holidays, to get some nice pictures! This is what me and four friends did on Tuesday. We started our little hike up our home mountain, the Lägern, at 6:30 AM to arrive at the top before sunrise. And it was gorgeous!! Totally worth it :)

I got myself a camera drone last week (I took the picture above with it). I went flying a lot! I also took some pictures of my school covered in snow :)

On Monday I went lightpainting again at our school. The pictures turned out very cool again :D

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Frosty Times

It got so cold this week! But unfortunately no snow yet. Today I hiked up our home mountain, the Lägern, with my parents because you sure have a nice view from up there and everything in the shadow side is covered in frost. It looks lovely!
I took some pictures too!

This week was the first of my winter holiday and I've enjoyed it a lot! I made lots of music, went out to play broad games, meet up with some friends and just relax a bit as well :)
Oh and I took some cool shots of Baden as well (;