Friday, 22 May 2015


This morning just after finishing to clean up my room from all the luggage mess, I went to Zürich. There I went to a music store called Hug to test out some amps for my Fender piano. It was a lot of time and I played around with different effects and amps for nearly three hours!! :O
After that I tried to find my way back to the railways station which was actually quite hard, because I did not have a working smartphone and my sense of direction in Zürich was a bit messed up and outdated :P

Such an amazing concert!

After packing everything out again (It's still not finished!!) me and my parents Claudia and Markus went to Muri. For months I was excited to see Bill Laurance, Michael League and Robert "Sput" Searight and the whole band here in the "Pflegidach" playing Bill Laurance's new album "Swift". It's even better live than on the records :O
After the concert I waited for all the people to get their things signed and I gave my drawing to Bill and we talked for quite a while. That was so cool!!!