Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cycling to Zürich

This afternoon me and my parents decided to make a little cycling tour. We thought that we could go to Zürich. That's about a three hour trip and it's quite flat. But in the end we took about four hours because we made some stops and a bigger lunch break just before Zürich at the river. It was very nice and we were very lucky with the weather: no freezing but also no sweating! Great :)

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Old friend

The whole morning I went around looking for holiday jobs. It is very hard in this season to get one I think.
But then later on in the afternoon I met with my best friend Timo to make some music and cook dinner. It was so nice to see him again and we made a lovely pizza together.
He also brought his violoncello and we played some cool stuff together :)
But the pizza.. Just simply delicious!!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Architectural day!

Early this morning I took my bicycle and went to my grandparent's house which is like ten minutes away from where I live. They asked me if I would like to mow their lawn every two weeks. Of course I will, because my grandparents can't do all the work anymore themselves and I like to help them :)
After that and after going back home to take a shower I met with my mum and three of her co-workers to go on a guided tour with lots of other architecture people in a new museum-extention that was built in Aarau. It was very interesting and the whole building was just lovely and looked cool! Here are some of the pictures I took ;)

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Blues Festival

A good friend of mine and music teacher at our school makes a jam session every year where a lot of different artists that play at the Blues Festival in Baden jam together. It's always really cool and it's even for free! So this afternoon/evening I went there with my parents. It was good music and I really enjoyed it. Especially when some people from a local group came on stage and played "different" blues then the others did. Usually the songs sounded a bit similar but there was a lot of change in them too :)


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Busy day

Well actually I woke up around nine, so not too late. But then it was time to complete my exam preparation for the Cambridge english exam. After that I was watering the plants outside on our terrace. Now you think that we probably not have that many plants in our pots, but it's quite a lot. We have an apricot tree, apple tree, pear tree, strawberries, nectarines, etc... And a tree, herbs and a variety of flowers. Don't forget the cherry tomatoes! And they all need watering if there is not that much rain.
In the evening I made dinner for me and my parents. I prepared some fish with cream spinach and "spätzli". Its a Swiss/Austrian/German dish that looks like this. Nice as rice :)
I also called my friend Timo which whom I am going to meet this Saturday and after that John from the UK. A bit of catching up needed to be done here...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Lovely walk at Zürich lake

Such a busy day :O I woke up really early in the morning to go to the chocolatier in Wettingen close to where I live.. I want to get a holiday job there and had a little talk to him this morning.
After that I walked for around half an hour to my school in Wettingen at the river to talk with them about extra courses. I'll probably take BigBand and Politics because I really like those (and maybe choir, or chemistry, or maybe drama... I dunno :/ I would just love to try every single thing they offer.
After that I took the train to Zürich again mainly to get some medicine for my mum's throat. She did not really find time in the last weeks and had a stupid cough every day. But I also did a lovely  walk at the lake and there were no people at all. There was also a flowers, cheese, fish, etc market near the river bridge. I ate lunch just before it started to rain heavily; lucky me! Nice focaccia :)
In the evening I went with my mum and dad to the "Limmathof". It's a thermal bath with sauna, steam bath and all the other things that are in the spa. My mum had a voucher for me so I could go for free. Thanks mum :))

Monday, 25 May 2015

Old friends :)

I baked a cake today again. Mainly because we were invited to eat dinner with our two old friends which whom we went to holiday on new year into the mountains a lot.. Their daughter is on an exchange in the US too and is going to return soon. We had a lovely time talking about various things and how everything changed in the nine months that I was away.
They also made a barbecue and a lovely salad and I made my internationally known honey cake! Mmmh :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hiking with my mum :)

It was such lovely weather today so my mum and I decided to go on a hike on our home mountain, the Lägern.
While going up the hill I took loads of pictures and we met some other people from the village which whom we had some nice talks. On our way up I spotted some movement in the grass and we took  a closer look. It was a tiny mouse between some leaves and we removed these around it slowly. The mouse did not move at all (and had probably a huge shock :P ) But when we started to move around again it ran off into the wild grass. I took two apples, some dried apricots and crackers with me so we could have a little lunch on the top of the mountain. Such a great view; I really missed that!