Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hiking with my mum :)

It was such lovely weather today so my mum and I decided to go on a hike on our home mountain, the Lägern.
While going up the hill I took loads of pictures and we met some other people from the village which whom we had some nice talks. On our way up I spotted some movement in the grass and we took  a closer look. It was a tiny mouse between some leaves and we removed these around it slowly. The mouse did not move at all (and had probably a huge shock :P ) But when we started to move around again it ran off into the wild grass. I took two apples, some dried apricots and crackers with me so we could have a little lunch on the top of the mountain. Such a great view; I really missed that!

Family Dinner

Today my parents and my family planned to make a little welcome party for me! It was so lovely to see all of them again and we had a lot of fun talking to each others and sharing what happened in the year.
Also my cousin and my aunt brought nice salads and my grandpa his legendary banana cake! Just delicious!!