Sunday, 8 February 2015

London trip through another perpective

Hi, readers of Marin's blog!
My name is Petra and I am also an exchange student. I love photography, reading and travelling, and I'm also quite obsessed with TV series. I have also, as Marin, a blog where I write about my year abroad. Because of this, Marin and I thought it would be a fun idea if I would guest blog on here. So, I thought, what's better than write about our day together in London yesterday? I know Marin has already written about it, but I'll contribute a bit to the story as well as add some of the pictures I took that day. If you're interested, you can check out my blog at and the post where I wrote about our day in London here!

Since we do not live very near each other, we took different trains. I brought my host sister Sereina with me, so she and I took the train together towards London in the morning, and then met up with Marin around lunchtime. When you are on the train, it is important to 1, take selfies 2, bring something nice to both eat and drink and 3, take more selfies.

When we then had met up with Marin, we took the underground to Tower Bridge. We walked from there to a place called "St. Katherine Dock" where we walked around for a bit and took some photos. We also, as Marin said in his previous blog post, filmed some for a vlog! It was such fun, even though I felt that it was very awkward being filmed rather than filming yourself in your room or in selfie mode. Well well, I survived and I think that it was a bit worse for Sereina, to be honest, haha. We took so many pictures at the dock, but I thought it would be most fun for you guys to see pictures of Marin, so here you go. 

Before taking the underground to Camden Town, we went to a really cozy Spanish tapas restaurant. I ate grilled octopus for the first time - which Marin filmed for the vlog... -, Sereina ate lamb chops and Marin ate salmon together with some different kinds of vegetables. Again, here's a picture of Marin.

As I said, we then went to Camden Town. We walked around here for a bit, took pictures and filmed for the vlog. We also ate some dinner after a while, which we did at Pret a Manger. Mmm... Delicious! (Marin bought the muffin and fruit sallad. Just sayin')

We then bought some Starbucks coffee before leaving each other to go to our train stations. But before we separated, we of course took a few selfies. Which is pretty much mandatory. 

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