Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Bake a cake day!

This day was just amazing! I had not that much work to do anymore so I finally had time again to play the piano in school :D
But I also had some nice plans for after-school, in fact to bake a cake! I did not do that for a couple weeks and I thought is time again. The cake I made is again from the secret recipe of my grandpa and it is just amazing :) I also put some dark (Swiss!) chocolate on top of it to make it even greater.. and exceptionally, since she does not really like chocolate, my host mum took a slice as well and since she really liked it she took another one...
In the evening I also had my third piano lesson with Mr Batty. I enormously enjoy those lessons since I think that I learn nice new stuff but he also motivates me a lot :D

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