Friday, 13 March 2015

Cup o'tea

I spent nearly my whole afternoon today setting up the scene and preparing the props for my next photography piece. My host mum kindly borrowed me her nice tea cup and the tea pot matching it. I arranged all the props on my cupboard with my shirt underneath it because it has quite a nice pattern and colour.
I set up the scene in my bedroom because I could get away most of the external light to control it all myself with a remote flashgun.
Then I grabbed a spoon from downstairs and put the little man with his wheelbarrow on top of it. This took a couple attempts but it looked quite cool in the end. One thing just simply blew my mind: if you compare the size of the sugar cube to the wheelbarrow it is way bigger and the weight a lot higher, but the small and thin wheel of the wheelbarrow was actually able to hold this enormous weight for nearly half an hour without any support!!

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