Tuesday, 24 March 2015

English transport systems...

I have had lots of trouble today. First of all I had my piano lesson which I was really excited about and it was as good as always, but firstly I had to get there what I usually do with a taxi since I live at my new place. There are just no buses running from my village anywhere near where I have my piano lesson. But today I had to take a taxi that came from Huntingdon which therefore costed me a lot of money. It is so not possible to travel around in English villages if you don't drive or have someone to drive you. After my piano lesson I usually take a taxi as well to get home because the latest bus driving back would be at five in the afternoon way too early... But today my taxi just didn't arrive at all! I was so pissed and didn't know what to do since I did not even have any phone signal there. So I went back to my piano teacher's home and he offered me to use his phone. But then his wife came in and she was so extremely kind to drive me home! I just couldn't believe that and it made my day :D

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