Thursday, 16 April 2015

Something new to do :D

This day was quite a usual one. Quite a bit of schoolwork and in the afternoon studying for my final exam and of course playing the piano.
But I discovered another cool thing today.. Let me explain: I think I have never mentioned here that I became quite a fan of Doctor Who since I lived here in England and some people told me to watch it. (If you don't know what Doctor Who is I don't blame you because I didn't know it yet 8 months ago... It is a BBC programme that exists since 1963 and it is quite since fictional but also historical. Very beloved by a lot of people especially in this country. Take a look into it ;)
So I (somehow, don't remember how really) found out that the BBC did another program simultaneously to their new Doctor Who series called Torchwood which involves one of the DW characters. It is really really interesting and I try to get some time watching it next to the studies and the other things I do here. But it is really cool and interesting :D

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