Thursday, 21 May 2015


Sorry readers that this entry is a bit delayed but I was really exhausted and tired yesterday evening...

So again this morning I was completely occupied by packing all my bags. Then around half past eleven I took a coach from Cambridge to London Heathrow Terminal 2. This took me about one and a half hours. I wisely planned three hours at the airport because I had the feeling that I would have to rearrange some of my luggage. And that's what I did for nearly an hour there! Afterwards I sat there for nearly two hours watching a movie and eating a nice tuna sandwich :)
At five past five my aircraft started rolling down the runway and took off... Not such a long flight from London to Zurich, but I always had a lovely view onto the countryside from high above.
When I arrived at the airport I figured something out. There was these desks where you had to show your pass. And nearly all the Swiss people were making gestures and discussing which lane was quicker to get through this. In the end nearly all the people of my lane swapped and I was in front. Thanks! And the funny thing about this was that all of them were waiting again afterwards to get their luggage. Haha :P
So many people came to say hi to me at the Airport and I was not prepared to this at all! My aunt, grandma, mum, dad, three really good friends, my cousin and his girlfriend and my cousin :) It was so nice..