Monday, 4 May 2015

Losing the overview a bit

Studyday! In not even one weeks our exams are going to begin, and I am doing my best in rehearsing as much as I can. Since I did not have that much else to do today it wasn't that hard to mainly do psychology and photography. But in psychology I am slowly loosing the overview over all the different studies and people we need to know, because there are so many! I think for a subject where you need to remember that many people it is not such a good idea to make a test at the end of the year where they randomly pick any study. In that case I prefer our school system back home because we have tests every week (for our 12 subjects) and you don't need to go through a 4cm pile of paper! In our Swiss school system we have in the end of your 4th year big exams as well, but it's not that many names you need to remember..!
But, well, I need to get through this somehow and it'll soon be over ;)