Saturday, 26 September 2015

Robots and an amazing Concert!

This week was a bit of a special. We call it Variowoche and it is sort of a project week where you can choose different things you can do for a whole week. I signed up for trying out old pianos, a trip to Berlin and a trip to the Romandie (the french part of Switzerland). But unfortunately, because of an administrative issue it did not sign me up for anything and I had to take the thing that was left over.. And it was Lego Robotics, which is quite cool too!
So simply said I played around with Lego bricks for a week. But of course there is more to it! We had to build a functioning robot out of the parts we had (including motors and some sensors like infrared and stuff) and then we had to program it on a laptop to get it working. This was cool and we had loads of fun messing around with silly Lego robots too once we finished the tasks.. :P

Tuesday I went to a very cool concert by my piano teacher's trio in the most famous Jazz club in Zürich. I met with a good friend of mine and we enjoyed the concert together :)