Sunday, 7 August 2016

Jamming and making music with my friends

This week was really cool! It was the last one of my summer holidays and I have enjoyed it a lot!
I have been making a lot of music in the last week for the new album. And we formed our own music group with which we want to play outdoors on the street sometimes :)
Another friend of mine got herself a hang-drum. It's a really cool instrument and we've tried it out yesterday which was so much fun!
I also skyped with a friend who is a musician and lives in New York. He often takes time to help me with recording things and explained to me the basics of synthesis music a couple months back.
Tomorrow I will start my next year in school and I am really looking forward to it, because now I get to choose which subjects I want to focus on and I've chosen music. So now I will have four hours more music lessons every week and choir and also a djembe lesson which I am so excited for!!

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