Saturday, 5 November 2016

Ibrahim Maalouf @JazznoJazz

This Thursday me and my parents went to Zürich to go to the JazznoJazz Festival. It's a huge annual Jazz (and no-Jazz) concert week where a lot of world famous musicians perform. I wanted to go and see Jacob Collier again on Wednesday but unfortunately he was ill and had to go back to the UK to recover.
But I also went to see Ibrahim Maalouf, a french-libanesian composer and Fusion Jazz musician who plays the trumpet and flügelhorn. His "speciality" is that he often plays quarter notes which makes his music very unique!
It was a very lively concert! Everyone was singing, clapping to the rhythm and dancing; so much fun!

Picture from JazzNoJazz

I had a lovely week with lots of sunshine. And the park of our school turned very autumny :D