Sunday, 17 September 2017

Electronic Music

As some of you may know, my final school project is about electronic music. I sample sounds from some area and then use them to create songs. For this, I ran around quite some time to get the recordings and now it's the time to stitch them together.
For a long time, I've used Logic X for all my music production. But it is not that great for sampling! That's why a good friend of mine gave me a little crash-course in Ableton Live, a program which is made for electronic music production. And it was totally worth it!
Now I use a combination of both programs to get the perfect result.

I need to manipulate the sounds that I've recorded a lot to get the results I want. Either I equalise them to emphasise some frequencies, I shift the pitch, cut them and use many other effects. Most of them I do on my computer because it is simple and gives you clean results.

But now I've bought a kit to build a mono-granular-sampler called the "MicroGranny". The kit was quite fun to build together, but the whole messing around with sounds is a lot more fun!
It is a tiny pocket sampler which means, you can record sounds and then change their rate, pitch, release and also the size of the grains. It splits up parts of the recorded sample and mixes it together in other ways. It makes the sample sound a lot more special and diverse.
When I bought it, I did not think that I could use it for my final project, but now I can and it is a lot of fun!

Another thing that happened last week was, that one of the biggest cranes in Europe was brought to our school to build the new sports hall. The school then asked me, if I could take some pictures with my drone: