Sunday, 8 July 2018


College is over, the Matura is all done and I went on a final trip with my class to Prague! We had such a good time with each other and saw many cool things :)

Prague is a beautiful city, it reminded me a lot of Zürich, not only because of the style the buildings have but also because the whole place seemed so well organised and clean.

I'll write this blog in a different fashion. I'll do paragraphs of text with pictures in-between, I think this way it's way more fun to read :)

Somehow I started taking pictures of different walls in Prague, don't know why but I thought it's a fun way to show something that not everyone notices and takes pictures of. And I must say there were some pretty cool walls all around the city ;D

I walked up the hill in Prague on the second day to get a view over the entire place, and the sight from the tower was just breathtaking; one could just see everything the city has to offer. I took this panorama picture which I stitched together using PTGui, maybe you need to click on it and zoom in to see every detail ;)

One day we visited the "Gallery of Art" which lies in the centre of the old town. The exhibition was about Dali, Mucha and Warhol. There were really cool paintings, prints, and other objects from and about the artists.

One of my best friends recommended a modern art gallery called "DOX", which was about twenty minutes from our apartment. And it was a great choice to visit, I'd recommend it to everyone who likes a bit of funky modern stuff and weird mannequins with toys glued to them ;)

The DOX Museum of Modern Art also had this amazing Zeppelin, crafted out of wood to create a really cool environment for talks and concerts! One day; one day I'll perform there ;D

Last but not least, I visited the Museum of Czech Cubism. It's an art style from the early 1900's, and even though it's this old it still looks so fashionable and stylish! The exhibition included furniture, paintings and models of buildings; and a really cosy café with the best hot chocolate I had in quite a while!

More really funky walls from the cubism-museum ;)

The last spot I visited, just a few hours before flying back to Switzerland was an art gallery called "The Museum of Decorative Arts" in the Jewish part of the city. There was an exhibition about the Czech photographer named Josef Koudelka which I recommend everyone to check out!

Altogether I would recommend everyone to visit Prague!

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