Sunday, 18 September 2016

Jacob Collier and Karls Daring Alleyshow

Last Sunday I went to a concert again (which was a relief after having two concerts of my own on Friday and Saturday).
Jacob Collier played in Muri and it was an amazing! Collier is a young musician from London who became famous by doing some unique YouTube Videos like this one where he sang a-capella songs with split screens. And now he already collaborated with Snarky Puppy.

Picture by Musig im Pflegidach

Friday evening me and my parents went to Zürich to see "Karls Kühne Gassenschau" which is translated to Karls Daring Alleyshow. It's a theatre group which exists since 1984 and performed a lot of self made and very critical theatre pieces in Swiss German. Their new project "Sektor1" is all about the future and how trash will be managed then. They say that they've found the solution to the garbage problem by sending all the bags up into orbit. The whole earth is clean and the people who live clean get a reward by being able to go to the Sector 1 for a day. It's the most beautiful Sector of all.
But then the garbage starts falling down from the sky again and emerging from the ground and in the end they build a time machine to get pack into the past to make this never happen in the first place.
The whole scenery was just brilliant and with the live music and all the fire and explosions it was also rich of action.